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Conditions of Use


Although we attempt to keep the pricing as current as possible, prices and items are subject to change without prior notice. Should an actual price be different to those quoted on the website, or should a item be out of stock, we will notify you for instuructions before processing your order.
All prices are quoted inclusive of GST.


As a distributor of OEM products, Perth Online Ink can only credit or replace product returned as faulty upon confirmation of a fault and respective credit or replacement of that product by the manufacturer. Please note that the policies of many OEM's covering warranty of goods may result in a delay of processing of credits and replacements. To enable credit or replacement of product for faulty printer consumables, the following is required:

1) A print sample.
2) A copy count for all Laser consumables. Many of the newer laser or fax machines will generate a status report showing the copy count used for that particular cartridge. Laser cartridges returned without a print sample cannot and will not be investigated. 
3) Ink cartridges must be above the minimum weight stipulated by the OEM as being applicable for return. A list of these minimum weights is available on request.
4) Any goods returned to Perth Online Ink must be sent on a freight paid basis and accompanied by a return authority number issued by Perth Online Ink. Goods not sent on a prepaid basis will be rejected and goods returned without a return authorisation number may experience delays.
5) There are many occasions where both toners and ink cartridges are found not to be faulty.  Either ink cartridge nozzles are blocked and they can be easily cleared by the purchaser (obviating the necessity and the cost to all parties of the returns process) or by ourselves. On these occasions, if the product is found not to be faulty, the product will be returned to the purchaser with a print sample and no credit will be issued. The same applies to laser toner cartridges albeit that the rectification of the problem is normally of a more technical nature. Please call our office for details of how to clear blocked ink cartridges.

Please note that all goods returned at no fault of Perth Online Ink ( excluding faulty products ), will incur a 10% restocking fee OR minimum fee of $15.00, whichever is the higher.  Any product which is older than 60 days will not be accepted without the express approval of Perth Online Ink.

Title to Goods

Title to the goods sold by Perth Online Unk shall remain with Perth Online Ink until all monies owing have been paid in full and cleared.

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